Thursday, April 30, 2009

Speed Away!

Oh the joys of Traffic School! I was completely ready to be bored out of my mind, tired, and worthy of a giant ice cream shake for surviving my first, and hopefully last, traffic school. It wasn't half bad though.
1) It was only 1.5 hours long. Not bad!
2) We watched a ton of hilarious/intense videos. Including...


These have very little relevance to Traffic School, but I'm not complainin!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It's been a pretty stressful week. It's not over yet, but look at what I will accomplish by the end of this week. I have had to move out, take 4 finals, perform 4 times, work 20 hours, go to Traffic School, make a deposit on my new apartment, and a lot of other small details, including asking my boss for a month off of work so that I can be an EFY Counselor. *cross your fingers!!* I am so excited for next Monday, when the real summer semester will begin. Hopefully, I will be able to entertain myself.
Oh... So remember how I have been studying my little brain near to death with math homework. It is officially over and I have scored a brilliant 97% on my math final!
Thank you, thank you. You are too kind.
I have fooled a few people into thinking that I am actually good at math. Hah! It's been a good semester. I have worked harder than ever, and it shows. My GPA is much higher than it has been in years. I didn't get quite the 4.0 that I was expecting, but that's okay. I have plenty of semesters left. I CAN DO IT!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Beautiful Day

So, there was this one time that I thought to myself. Hmm... I should check my email before I go to bed. I read through an email with a Professor. I check out the comments made on my facebook status, and then I see that efyhiring sent me an email.... dun. dun. dun.
Slowly, very uncertainly, I clicked on the email. Didn't know email could be this intense did ya? Slowly reading left to right because that's the way we do it in English. I wouldn't know how to read English any other way I read:
" Hello Lindsay Kindlespire, <----That's my name

Thank you for applying to work for EFY this summer. Your application has been processed, and we are interested in hiring you."

Haha! They are interested in hiring me... That's all I know. I just have to fill out some paperwork and then they tell me for how long they want to hire me. Sorry to build it up so much, but Hey! Look on the bright side! I am going to be an EFY Counselor!

Ok... Ready for another??
It is approaching approximately 6:27 PM. I am sitting at my desk at work, anxiously logging out of the phone and staring at my cell phone every few seconds. My adorable pink phone rings once. I do not recognize the number. I answer it nonetheless. "Hello?" I say nervously. "Hi Lindsay. This is Britney with ILP. Would you be able to pay a lot of money to us so you can live outside the country again for only a few weeks?" Okay, fine. She didn't quite say that. "Hi Lindsay. This is Britney with ILP. We are looking for ILP Alumni to help with the summer camp. Would you be available?" Disappointed that this was not the call I was expecting I told Britney with ILP that I have a full summer planned.
I clocked back into work, impatiently waiting. My work phone rings.
"Billing Department. This is Lindsay. May I have your main domain name?"
"I'm sorry sir. Can you repeat that?" I reply, glancing at my cell phone.
It rings. This time, I recognize the number. Jenessa Simmons was calling.
"Okay, let me transfer you to Tech Support." Luckily, thats really where he needed to go.
"Nessa! Read it! Read it!"
"Dear Sister Simmons, You have been called by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to serve in the Greece Athens mission!"
The best girl-friend that anyone on this earth has ever been blessed to have will be leaving for her mission on August 19, 2009. Love ya Nessa!


I will officially be a member of the Institute Council on Saturday. I have a meeting from 8am to 1pm. Phew! It'll be so much fun though.

On top of all this... My Professor let me turn in my paper late. How awesome is that?? Woo! I'm feeling good.

*P.S. Please note that I decided to get my Associates Degree in English. I really really enjoy writing if you cannot tell by my blog entry.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Well, Here I am. Stuffed full of Easter Candy, watching a musical, and talking to the roommates. When I realize...This School semester is over in 10 days...Maybe I should start working on homework.

I have a five page paper due this Friday on John Donne's poetry (which is amazing, bytheway, I highly recommend it), a social observational project to start and finish, a presentation to do on Wednesday, finals for 5 classes, and about 5 performances in my music class. It's going to be a busy 10 days!

Oh! I made Institute Council (Shh! I still haven't been set apart so it's still a secret).

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Read All About It!

It's about time that I updated ya'll on my life. It's going great bytheway.
I have my second interview to join LDSSA (Orem Institute of Religion Student Council) for next year. It's with my Stake President. At this point, I kinda wish I was back to the Grovecreek 3rd Ward. A meeting with President Atkinson doesn't sound as scary as an interview with the President of my new ward. I don't even know his name. President Atkinson has known me for years though. I am really hoping to make student council. It would be a great experience and I know that I would make a ton of new friends.
I still haven't heard back from EFY. I am not planning on being a counselor there at all. I've pretty much ruled it out. Wouldn't it be hilarious if I made it?
I have had a cough for two weeks. I also picked up my roommates cold on top of that. Ugh.. It's been fun. Coughing so hard, that you have to sneeze; sneezing so hard that you have to laugh; and laughing so hard that you have to cough. It's a never ending circle! I just hope that it calms down by Sunday.
I am singing "I Stand All Amazed" on Sunday for the Easter Program. It's the one that my sisters all know. The one we sang at both Nikki's and David's baptism. It's a beautiful arrangement. I'm soo glad that my Mom was able to find the arrangement. The ward choir is also singing two numbers and I will be leading the choir for those two pieces. Beautiful Savior and Come Unto Christ (both can be found online for free at
General Conference this last week was amazing. I learned a lot. As President Thomas S. Monson said:
"May we long remember that which we have heard during this conference. . . . I urge you to study the messages and to ponder their teachings and then to apply them in your life." What a great man and Prophet of God!
To all those that read to the end of this post. Thanks! I love you all! Life is such a wonderful gift. Live everyday with no regrets. That is my new goal. I've come to realize that mistakes are made, trails occur, but that is the journey of life. Simply enjoy it.