Thursday, July 30, 2009


So sorry I haven't written in a really long time. EFY is my excuse.
My first group was "Dispute Not". They were great. My co-counselors were Casey and Robyn. Here is a picture of just my girls, whom I love very very much. They all had so much patience with me while I figured out the whole EFY thing. They all had great comments and attitudes. I hope that they were able to get a lot out of their week. Thanks girls!

Front row: Amy, Kelsey, Charlotte, Emilee, Sami, and Hannah.
Back row: Deone, McCall, Lindsey, Lindsay (me), Jordi, Di, and Tamara.

My next group was "Rejoiceth Not In Iniquity" with Brett Waters and Jeri Thompson. This group was a lot of fun and slightly crazy at time. :) My cousin Zach was in this group too. How cool is that!? They were all ready to learn and I hope that their first experience (and Amy's second) brought them closer to each other and closer to God. Were are #3 girls!!

Front Row: Lindsay (me), Natalie, and Beth.
Back Row; Shaelie, Ashley, Marti, Amy, McCall, and Alyssa

My last group, "Might Be", was incredible. My co-counselors were Ted and Natalie. I love them both so much! We started off the week right with a goal not to judge others and it made a huge impact on my week and hopefully the week of the girls too. All the youth participated in the activities. The dances, the musical program, the variety show "Yeah Toast!". :) They were awesome. I love you all!

With me at the bottom, really out of the place, here are the other girls. Natalie (counselor), Carley, Elizabeth, Jo, Hayley, Laura, Megan, Alice, Kennedy, and Julie. Abbie is missing in this picture. :( She is an awesome girl.

My experiences at EFY were phenomenal. I saw miracles occur. I saw the Lord bless these girls in different ways that brought them closer to our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Their fabulous spirits are so strong and they are all "Examples of the Believers". I love you girls!!!