Thursday, December 2, 2010


Time for a Festive background! Happy December!!

I left my camera at my parents' house during Thanksgiving Break. So no pictures this time. I'll get it back soon though.

The guy that was supposed to buy my macbook bailed, so now I have no money. I am not friends with that guy. He is on my bad list. If anyone wants a macbook, let me know. You can have mine. :)

I got a letter from Sister Simmons. She's doing great! I also found her mission blog if you are interested in checking up on her. She comes back in February, if she lets them which is not likely.

Yesterday, was the best. I went snowshoeing up Green Canyon AND sledding on Old Main hill AND had some nutella toast. It was a great way to celebrate the snow.

I've registered for classes for next semester. I'm taking language science, speech & hearing & language development, acoustics of the ear, and a few other classes related to communicative disorders. I'm also taking rock climbing for fun :) It's going to be a fun semester (even if it does start at 7:30 am).

Well, that's it for now. Catch up with you later!!