Wednesday, February 24, 2010


1. Apartment Anxiety
Alejandra and I are trying to find a nice place to live for the next school year. We are having a really really hard time. :P In the past years, I was focused more on price or location. Now I would really like to find someplace that just feels like a home. A place I can do a bit of decorating and cooking and piano-playing. After looking at a bunch of different places, I think a condo will be the best option. There are TONS of condos though.... Which one? Which one?? Our goal is to have one picked out by the end of this week. Wish us luck!

2. Lost
Here is my spiel about this TV show. I have watched every episode of every season. I love the characters, except for Ben of course. Here's the thing though: We are in the 6th season now, and pretty much what would have been a shock is not a shock anymore. I don't think anything can happen to the storyline to shock me anymore. I've given up on trying to understand it, yet I always watch it. It's like an addiction. I'm lost (haha) as to why I can't turn off the TV and walk away. I feel my brain cell's shrinking and my face shriveling into a look of pure confusion and there is nothing I can do to stop because I'm hoping one day it will all make sense.

3. Kinda annoying...
And my soap box moment of the week.... Car flyers. I feel like I should get a No Solicitor Sign for my car. Flyers about parties, about doing summer sales, about classes for school. And I don't usually notice them until I'm cruising down the street and a paper is trying to break free from my windshield wiper which cannot be fixed by turning on the wipers bytheway.