Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What is this thing called Relief?

So... UVU dropped my classes last week. They thought that I hadn't paid my tuition. Luckily, I printed off a receipt and all the stuffed that I agreed to close to my heart. My classes were reinstated about as fast as they were dropped, with one exception. My math class. I had piled on so many classes and responsibilities I thought I would die. I just didn't reinstate my math class. Now I have five extra hours per week, plus that time I would be using for math homework. Wow... It feels good. :)
I just registered for my last semester at UVU. 13 more credits and I will be out the door!
Life is awesome!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Wow... Isn't it crazy how life just keeps going and before you know it, it's been a month since you posted a blog??
School is stressful. Midterms are coming up and I've caught a cold that attacks all brain cells that specialize in holding attention span and encourage motivation. I haven't been studying enough. I have a plan though. With all that I have on my plate, I've decided to just not focus on math. :) See... it's brilliant. I'll focus on Creative Writing, AM Lit, and Spanish and just retake math next semester. There is simply too much homework and not enough time to study. Well, not enough time to study and socialize which is a necessary part of being Lindsay.
For AM Lit, I am doing a presentation on Walden, by Henry Thoreaux. I went up the canyon yesterday to collect leaves to pass out, but then I actually did the reading. The chapters I am covering are more about winter than fall (blegh...). Now I have to come up with ideas on what I can do to bring winter into the classroom in a transcendental kinda way. I was thinking just sparkles...(don't judge me) like snow. I dunno...
It has been a really fun week. :) I went to a ball with Aaron on Wednesday and wore my prom dress from high school, which was actually to big (how cool is that?? I've lost weight since high school!). It's pink and sparkly. I had bling jewelry and a crown. It was awesome. There was an institute dance on Friday. That was a blast. The music was great and I looked very... bad. lol.