Sunday, November 14, 2010

my fantabulous weekend

I spent Friday night with my new life long buddy, Ashley. We went a Special Needs Dance and danced the night away. There were guys in jeans, and girls in ball gowns (even one wedding dress). It was a blast!

On Saturday morning I competed in the USU Dodgeball competition - very random I know. We didn't make it to far in the competition, but that's totally fine. It was to support the Special Olympics, which I really want to help out with now.

After that I got a tour of Logan City. I went to Great Harvest and had a yummy sandwich, then to Global Village and the hippie store, Earth Awakenings (pretty sure they were selling a few illegal things, if you catch my drift). I went to Gossner's too. They have flavored milk! I had orange creme milk (tasted like a creamsicle) and rootbeer milk (tasted just like the frothy part of a rootbeer float). It was incredible! I had some very squeaky cheese as well.

Now for the funny of the weekend:

After Gossner's, I went to a place called "All About Socks" If a store that only sells socks isn't funny enough for you, just wait. While I was there, I found a pair of socks that had beer mugs on them. Absolutely hilarious, right? My friend bought the socks and I hope he cherishes them for his whole life. I found an amazing pair of "socks". They were $1.00. They are rainbow-striped. I was soo excited to put them on when I got home. To my horror, I discovered that these socks were actually tights for two year olds. Never fear! I turned them into socks! Here is the finished product!