Saturday, August 22, 2009



I went on the LDSSA council retreat this week. Wahootie Wooty! It was amazazing!! We started the trip off at a ropes course where we ran across fast-flowing rivers of peanut butter disaster on giant raisins and celery sticks. The girls beat the boys at an intense game of extreme lava relay race adventure. It was awesome.
Lindsay is deathly afraid of heights bytheway. Seriously afraid. Ugh!! I hate heights. I remember when I was 17 (that's right) I got the opportunity to go repelling down a 50 foot cliff. I tried going over the edge, but couldn't make it. I was crying sooo hard!
Anyway, I am proud to say that I went on a giant swing (54 feet) to be exact. YAY!!! And I jumped off a platform that was 23 feet off the ground. I almost cried, but kept it together :) Pretty much, I feel like $100 bucks!
After this awesome adventure we heading up Sundance Canyon to the cabin we stayed at. We just spent the rest of the trip preparing ourselves mentally and spiritually for the callings we have ahead of us. This is going to be intense. Apparently, the iTV girl gets a stalker every year. Lucky me! I'm hoping to somehow avoid that and break the tradition.
I moved into my new apartment. It's really nice. My roommates are hilarious and fun. I am sure we will get along great. Although, I miss Madison, Katie, and Alejandra so much already!
PS. I lost my camera...again. So no pictures for a while. Sorry peeps!