Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wap Bam Boom!

Good News!
I got 100% on my Math Quiz! I guess the third time really is the charm, so it would seem with this class.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Ever doubted my Nerdiness?? You won't anymore...
I got 6th place in the Sudoku Tournament at Utah Valley University.

Please note that I also got pulled over for the first time today. *sniff sniff* I will be making my first, and hopefully only, appearance to Traffic School in a few days time.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Would You Hire Me??

I just had my group interview to be a counselor for EFY.
They were 7 interviewees (6 girls, 1 boy). We all piled in the room and introduced ourselves to the two ladies interviewing us (I have already forgotten their names). First we introduced ourselves.
"My name is Lindsay Kindlespire, from Pleasant Grove UT. I am currently a student at UVU. I haven't decided on a major yet. I'm working on my generals right now. I would love to be an EFY Counselor for a lot of different reasons. I love the Gospel, and I love working with people. I've taught English in China to 68 kids, I've worked with elderly ladies in a group home, and I would love the opportunity to teach teenagers."
Then we discussed the EFY Theme this year, which is: A Climate of Revelation. I mentioned how when I immediately thought of somewhere you go to relax and ponder. Somewhere peaceful and uplifting, like the Temple.
Next, I was personally asked how I would create "A Climate of Revelation" in a lunchroom setting. I said that I would go on a picnic and talk and think and read with my girls.
Then we were asked to give a short lesson, just two minutes, about the scripture we were handed. I chose Mark 10:27 -
"And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible."
I talked about David and Goliath. How he would not have been able to beat Goliath had God not been with him. David showed faith, hope, courage, and a willingness to do as God commanded. If we also develop these characteristics, we will have God with us, and we too can do impossible things.
The last question asked was:
"You are sending your child to EFY. What is one quality that you would like their counselor to possess?"
I replied that I would hope that their counselor had charity. I would hope that my child would be able to feel the Savior's love through their EFY Counselor.
With that, I shook the ladies hands, gave them each a hug and left the room.
What do you think?? Would you hire me??